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Workplace Bullying

Project type

Audio Book


May 2023

The audiobook "Workplace Bullying" is an experimental project that leveraged ChatGPT, HTML/CSS, and WellSaid Labs to rapidly produce an audiobook. This project was born out of the increasing demand for audio resources that professionals can engage with while performing routine tasks. "Workplace Bullying" is an exploratory venture into the use of generative AI to create content that is not only informative but also easy on the ears, ideal for background listening. The audiobook is structured to be universally accessible, with a straightforward design that ensures compatibility across various web servers and devices. Its content, delivered through the clear, natural-sounding AI voices of WellSaid Labs, offers insightful and practical guidance on navigating and addressing workplace bullying. This innovative approach sets a precedent for future projects, showcasing the potential of AI in creating efficient, accessible learning tools for busy professionals.

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